Vasudev Bethamcherla

(Computer Science, 2013 - present)

Sairamesh Krithika (Computer Science 2013 - present)

Vasudev’s primary interest is in looking at facial expression and how it relates to cognitive load, stress, and other physiological sensor data.

Krithika’s primary interest is in biophysical signals, especially that of EEG, in relation to cognitive load and stress.

Brendan John

(Computer Science (2013 - 2014)

Will Paul


Taylor Kilroy


Bredan’s primary interest is in the eye tracking and perception data in relation to cognitive load and stress.

Other Projects &  Co-Advisees

High School Research Intern

Multi-modal sensor fusion for computational physiology:  This is a collaborative new project with co-investigators Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm, Reynold Bailey, and  Joe Geigel. Student researchers in this team include:

Will and, previously, Alf examine linguistic data, for their role in cognitive monitoring and stress detection.