Software Lunch (2012 Spring)


     Software lunch hosts paper discussions and occasional talks relevant to building reliable, secure, and productive software. Topics will focus on software engineering, but will also touch the areas of programming languages, systems and security.     

     Coordinator: Wei Le (
When: 1:00 - 1:50pm Thursdays
Where: 74-1069
Mailing List:


Date Topics Speaker
week 1 Topic signup Wei
week 2 Model Checking Concurrent Systems Michael Lutz
Week 3 Parallel Functional Language Matthew (Joint with U of R)
week 4 Testing Concurrent Systems Shannon
week 5 Minining API patterns Danilo
week 6 Software Testing Brian
Week 7 Security Joint with CPE department at RIT
Week 8 Software architecture Scott Hawker
Week 9 Modeling of Software Tools James Heliotis


1. thoughts on reading papers
2. program analysis and future directions
3. the future of program analysis
4. formal software analysis emerging trends in software model checking

     (1) knowledge: learn about the frontiers of software engineering research and build background to conduct SE research
(2) skills: learn how to present papers and lead group discussions
(3) intellectual challenges: learn how to think as a researcher and scientist
(4) brainstorm: initialize wild and crazy ideas on how to make software
more reliable and secure
(5) community and collaboration: meet people who are also interested in SE research
(6) research opportunities: find projects to work with professors
(7) free food: sandwiches

     Software Lunch Fall 2011, Software Lunch Winter 2011
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